Procurement, Spend and Cashflow Control

Improve the Procure-to-pay Process

  • Global CollaborationCollective buying power helps drive down costs
  • Integration to In-House SystemsLink to procure-to-pay (P2P) systems such as Proactis
  • Improve Efficiency and ProductivityStandardsise budget and purchase processes
  • Configurable ReportingKeep track of progress Vs target

Efficient Procurement

We know that setting a budget is only the start of what can be a long process of financial management. Curve balls, major international emergencies, changes in direction or policy and even staffing can directly impact your ability to deliver your original forecast position.

In the case of grant funds, where sticking to budget is not a matter of ‘if’, procurement and spend control is imperative. Furthermore, the fact that funds and budgets can cross multiple financial years and have a range of different sources of income makes a difficult process even harder.

Set against a backdrop of often significant mobilisation costs, procurement and the organisations general cash flow, financial management for NGOs and major international charities requires advanced systems and performance visibility at all levels.

Drive Better Value for Money

To close the disconnect between budgeting, procurement and cash flow in your organisation or to simply gain more control over your existing process, contact us today to arrange a demonstration of the ProGrant Procurement, Spend and Cashflow Control solution.

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