ProGrant is an easily deployed, cloud-based charity software application for managing restricted funds, large programmes and global scale grant funded projects. Originally designed in conjunction with a major charity, ProGrant is now used by a growing number of NGOs and International Charities.

ProGrant has been built around four key principles of Visibility, Traceability, Connectivity and Reporting – the pillars to successful financial management for any grant funded body receiving institutional funds to deliver its work.

Rapid deployment and easy access

Being cloud-based, ProGrant can be easily and quickly deployed across your organisation and its light footprint and structure means it is accessible and usable across a range of devices online and offline or in areas with limited connectivity. The modular design also allows you to tailor the system to meet your specific needs and integration to other accounting, ERP or campaign management systems is simple and straightforward.

Feature rich NGO and international charity Software:

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Grant and Fund Management

ProGrant helps demonstrate to your Funders the due diligence needed in delivery control, transparency and traceability across your single or multiple source Funds and Programmes

Secure multi-currency financial management

Be in control with a top-down view of all your fund finances and Programme performance in a configurable multi-currency system. Always-on auditing ensures secure traceability of all actions on the system

Credit Card Details being entered

Easy Budget and KPI Production and Monitoring

Quickly draft and detail your annual project budgets using our budget productivity features. Also define KPI expectations over the project life.

Manage Programme & Project Processes, Risks and Issues

Define, standardise and track your fund management process tasks, milestones, risks and issues throughout your fund’s life

Ease of document record storage and retrieval

Quickly store and access all your important associated Donor, Fund, Programme, Project document records and templates in one place

All the dashboards, data interrogation and reporting you need

Concise configurable Dashboards and easy data interrogation allows for ease of visibility of performance and data extraction for off-system analysis