Easy Budget and KPI Production and Monitoring

Better Budgeting Drives Value for Money

  • One, Unified SystemManage all your budgets in one place, removing data silos
  • Global CollaborationOrganisation wide collaboration on budget planning saves time
  • Standardised Processes and CyclesDrive efficiency, productivity and cost effectiveness
  • Multiple BudgetsMaintain multiple revisions or consolidate without loss of fidelity

Global Collaboration on Budgeting

With diverse geographical areas of operation, stretching across multiple countries and continents and with some projects in hard to reach areas, often without regular connectivity, ‘bottom up’ budgeting and payment management can be a complex and time consuming process. 

Rolling up projects, programmes and regions and making the entire process interactive is often impossible. The risk being that you end up managing your budget on a  ‘top down’ basis, with minimal input from the people on the ground, those with a true understanding of the local demands – delivering the work, medicines, aid or support.

ProGrant’s agile structure with fast and easy global access overcomes these problems and ensures your budgeting process can become fully inclusive at all levels of the organisation.

Cloud based and available 24/7. ProGrant allows your local programme managers to build their budgets over a period of time, in collaboration with other team members or similar projects and partners across regions/borders. This real time activity means that your regional managers and head office teams can be part of the same process, making it truly interactive and collaborative.

Flexible Budgeting

Easily and rapidly deployed to new areas or projects, ProGrant can respond to the fast paced change that is common place when responding to international emergencies or regularly moving operations to deliver support where it is most needed.

Already used by a range of international charities and NGOs like Sightsavers, the visibility and traceability provided by ProGrant’s intuitive budgeting, procurement, spend and cashflow control and tailored reporting tools have helped our users secure major funds and gain international recognition.

If you need to improve your budgeting and make the process more collaborative and inclusive, contact us today to discuss your requirements and organise a demonstration of the ProGrant solution.