Grant and Fund Management

End-to-end Grant Management

ProGrant handles grants and funds from first concept to programme and project execution and completion.

  • Budgeting Planning & Cost ManagementProGrant budget planning functions help you rapidly set and develop budget plans over the project life. Amend and version budgets safe in the knowledge that a full audit trail is kept. Monitor plan against spends at the desired reporting frequency
  • Key Performance Indicator Setting and MonitoringTrack any number of performance indicators against actuals at your desired reporting frequency with at-a-glance dashboards
  • Ease of document record storage and retrievalQuickly store and access all your important associated Donor, Fund, Programme, Project documents, emails records and templates in one place
  • Manage Programme & Project Processes, Risks and IssuesManage all your programmes and projects in one place. Define, standardise and track your fund management process tasks, milestones, risks and issues throughout your fund’s life.
  • Real Time ReportingUse Dashboards and Reporting to provide evidence backed analysis internally and externally
  • Rapid Global Access Light IT footprint means rapid rollout and whole organisation adoption

Why use ProGrant?

The grant funding landscape for organisations like yours has changed dramatically in recent years. High profile cases have focused on the lack of transparency of fund management, control and due diligence; the result being a degree of consolidation in the number of major funders and greater demand for visibility.

The spotlight is on grant funded organisations to ensure you can not only account for every penny given to you, but also prove:

  •  Value for money
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Control of data
  • Rapid access to data for analysis and reports

Visibility & Transparency

As well as providing drillable data for accountability and traceability of funds, the reporting and business intelligence tracks performance of programmes by project. ProGrant links your organisations key performance indicators, funds and projects and delivers data via a series of dashboards and/or configurable reports.

So if you want to take control of grants, projects and programmes across your organisation, contact us today to find out more. 

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