Manage Programme & Project Processes, Risks and Issues

Programme and Project Management

ProGrant brings together core project and financial data to provide you with an incisive view of organisational performance. Whether entered directly into ProGrant through the intuitive user interfaces or by pulling data in from disparate systems and sources, our software offers:

  • Top Down VisibilityProvide granular level drill down to transaction level
  • Donor reporting and data analysisDeliver evidence backed analysis on system or export data for external analysis
  • At-a-glance DashboardsSee progress at a glance with our configurable Dashboards
  • Rapid plan Vs actual visualisationRapidly develop whole project budget plans and performance indicator targets
  • Improved Efficiency and ProductivityOur Process Tracker enables you to standardise cycles, processes and reporting
  • Integration to In-House SystemsEradicate data silos and remove manual re-keying

Global Collaboration

As well as meeting the often competing needs and demands or external stakeholders and funders, you will undoubtedly have your own requirements in terms of managing your funded programme and associated projects. If, like many organisations and NGOs operating around the world, your teams are spread between disparate locations, regions or even countries, with varying levels of connectivity, managing programmes and their related finances in an accurate and timely fashion can be difficult.

ProGrant offers the control and accessibility to overcome these issues, linking teams at all levels of the organisation, allowing them to build, plan budget and manage work programmes and individual projects collaboratively. Whether it is management of a new grant, requiring the creation of multiple programmes and projects beneath it, or using rolled up, budgeted, programmes developed by local teams as the basis for a bid, ProGrant gives you the connectivity and tools required.

Attract More Funds

The ProGrant suite of integrated financial programme management systems support growth, helps to attract new major donor funding and supports the management of funds from significant multi-million GBP projects with major international donors down to low value funds. In addition, its cloud-based architecture and broad range of reporting tools can help you demonstrate transparency in your strategic performance and share the impact of your programme work with internal and external stakeholders.


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