Secure multi-currency financial management

The Charity Financial Director's Friend

Utilising business intelligence tools, the ProGrant dashboard can be configured to monitor any combination of:

  • Budgets
  • KPIs
  • Actuals
  • Progress Vs Target
  • Programmes & Projects
  • Regions & Countries
  • Funds
  • Business Units
  • Departments

Manage All Your Projects in One Place

Whether you are a CFO looking at the entire organisation, a regional director interested in a geographic subset of data or a programme manager concerned with the most granular level of detail, the ability to tailor your view of current financial performance to suit your needs is imperative.

The financial dashboard in ProGrant provides this level of functionality as standard. Highly configurable, capable of slicing and dicing and filtering data to whatever level necessary and with drill down functionality, ProGrant delivers an at-a-glance review of performance across a range of criteria. Most importantly, the dashboard format, which can consist of meters, tables and graphs, presents information and data at an appropriate level. 

Incisive, Strategic, Simple

To gain an incisive and strategic view of your organisations financial performance, contact us today to find out more about the ProGrant solution and dashboard analysis tools.

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